Province Polemarchs

In 1921, the third Grand Polemarch, George F. David proposed dividing the Fraternity into supervisory districts.  As a result of his proposed legislation, the fraternity was first divided into three districts.  Past Grand Polemarch Irven Armstrong was assigned the first; Harrison R. Duke, the second; and Harold M. Tyler, the third district.  The Fifth Grand Polemarch, Earl B. Dickerson changed the designation of the title “District” to “Province” and “Regional Director” to “Province Polemarch” at the 15th Grand Chapter Meeting in 1925.  As the fraternity expanded globally, additional provinces were established to provide effective operational structure and oversight.  Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., now has 12 Provinces who are governed by the following 12 Province Polemarchs: